Lease Extension Valuations

Leasehold Extension Valuations with Pro-Leagle

  • Pro-Leagle provide Leasehold Extension Valuation Reports Nationwide detailing the accurate cost of your Lease Extension.
  • Our valuations are suitable for statutory Lease Extensions. They are also a good starting point for informal negotiations.
  • You should always obtain a professional valuation whether negotiating to buy or grant a lease extension. This could save you thousands. Still not sure if it's worth it?

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Determining the Cost of Lease Extension

The value of a Lease Extension is calculated using several key pieces of information:

  • The annual ground rent paid to the Freeholder for usage of the land on which the property is built.
  • The number of years remaining before expiration of the lease
  • The value of the property and any improvements made to it
  • The location of the property

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What Do Leaseholders Pay for When Extending a Lease?

When carrying out a Statutory Lease Extension the Leaseholder must provide financial compensation to the Freeholder for:

  • The reduction in the Freeholder's reversionary interest (the Freeholder will need to wait longer to gain possession of the property)
  • Ground rent owed to the Freeholder under the existing terms of the lease (this will be reduced to peppercorn rent after lease extension)

A ballpark figure for the cost of Leasehold Extension can be obtained using Pro-Leagle's Ballpark Valuation Calculator